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Childcare Challenges of a Working Parent

Making the decision of when to return to work after having my youngest two children was tough, I believe that as parents we have a conflict within us between collecting our children from school, never missing a play, assembly or class presentation and then setting an example by working hard for a living in whatever form that takes, whether that is full time, part time, from home or whatever you do. But what I actually found more difficult was discovering that in fact I couldn’t afford to work full time at all as I had planned to. This was simply down to how much my childcare costs would be every single week. After doing the maths I quickly realised it just wasn’t doable. One nursery I found was £50 a day, so a cost of £250 a week, but that wasn’t even the worst bit. In order for my child to start, a deposit of four weeks fees was required, as well as 4 weeks fees in advance. £2000 just to walk in the door! You could move into a rented property for less than that and I certainly cannot…