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Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

So this weekend just gone, we had the pleasure of attending and taking part in the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder quite near to us. The mini mudder is part of the tough mudder event, which for those of you that aren't familiar with it, involves rather a lot of running, mud, obstacles, mud, deep puddles, oh and mud, a little bit of swimming and a bit of mud. The mini mudder course is less intense, but just as muddy.

Review: The Milk Lounge & Magical Movers (Nottingham)

After signing our little monkey up to his first ever group this month, and having no idea how it would go and whether it would be something we could attend regularly, I thought I would pop a little post up to sum up how it all went. With his Autism as severe as it is, I have never made use of the Surestart groups or local groups at the library, because I haven't found them to be accommodating or accepting of his needs. Perhaps it is more my issue than his but still, I hate the way some parents judge children and how children with difficulties or disabilities are not made to feel welcome. Particularly those where their disabilities are not visible, and those children are perceived as naughty or out of control.

The Magical Movers group was held atThe Milk Lounge, you may well have read in the media about The Milk Lounge, a new family friendly cafe in Arnold, Nottinghamshire. I'm not going to link the articles but I have read many in the press naming The Milk Lounge as a breastfee…