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Festive spirit required

So as I sit and type this, it is 9:38pm, on the 22nd December. It is very nearly Christmas and most people will be feeling really festive and putting the finishing touches on their Christmas plans. Not me! I have wrapped the gifts for one of my children, and still have my eldest son's and my nephew's to wrap. And there is rather a lot. (All in stupidly awkwardly shaped packages, I might add)

We have been so busy with appointments for the children, right up until tomorrow that actually we haven't had a chance to just put our feet up and get in the Christmas spirit. We haven't had an opportunity to watch a Christmas film to get us into the festive spirit, and we haven't yet indulged in any of the normal Christmas crappy snacks, such as chocolates and pringles. In all honesty this is probably no bad thing though as I am a slimming world member and even if 8lbs has crept back on in just as many weeks, I do like to stay on plan as much as I can.  

5 signs that you are a Mum...

The Mum uniform I think is something we are all familiar with. Before you had children you may have spent more money on clothes, or more importantly, more time on clothes as a rule. You may not have even owned a pair of leggings. Now? You have 6 pairs, all in the same shade of black. You tend to pair these up with a cardigan or jumper, and some boots. You do consider being fashionable and quickly figure that actually that is a lot of effort and the legging jumper combo is far easier.

You catch yourself singing Cbeebies theme tunes ALL of the time. Even when your children aren't with you, quite often I am out and about and find myself singing "Yes, my name is Igglepiggle, Igglepiggle Iggle Wiggle Diggle" My children are 9 and 2 and the sad thing is I still know the songs from when I heard them first time around with my eldest. You know you are ridiculous humming the Waybuloo theme tune to yourself but we all do it, all day, most days. 

The little things your autistic child does

I have spoken a lot about our little monkey and his recent ASD diagnosis, it has been a rollercoaster to get this far and now that we are, our journey is not slowing down.

We have developmental targets, assessments, specialist teachers, therapy and strategies to accommodate and put in place. As it stands, our monkeys social skills are at 6-12 months and his language is at 5 months. He is completely non verbal and does not sign or use much non verbal communication, it sounds like the world's most difficult thing to deal with but to us, he is exactly as he should be. He makes sound effects and some 'baby babble' sounds and no spoken language at all.

Nights out when you are a Mum...

So for the first time since I moved here 18 months ago, I was invited out with 'the girls'. Not to a soft play centre with toddlers, not to the park after school... 

But out, with actual adults, and alcohol. 

First priority was to assess the clothing situation, only to discover that I had accepted my fate as a recluse and had nothing in the wardrobe suitable for a night out. Crap.

My monkey's diagnosis

Today I got a call from my little monkey's consultant paediatrician, on a Sunday, she truly is an amazing doctor dedicated to her job and to the children that she works with. She called and told me that she had written Noah's assessment report, and that it confirms what we all already knew. 

Noah has Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

I expected to feel so happy and relieved when we finally got the diagnosis for him, after all we were positive that he was on the autism spectrum and have been leaning towards that diagnosis for such a long time.

Christmas decorating with a toddler...

So sticking on the topic of Christmas, last year we threw away the tatty old artificial tree that I had for years previous. It had really lived it's full life and met it's fate at the dump. So last Saturday we went and got another one. A 7ft artificial tree, absolutely beautiful and a good price too. It was supposed to be £80 and was half price in Wilko, I am too tight to pay full price but is defo worth it at the reduced price. Really thick branches and isn't gappy at all.

As I am the most impatient person in the world, on Saturday night, the tree went up, new lights put on it, 200 multi coloured lights, new baubles in traditional red, gold and green and it looked lovely. 

That lasted about one day! This is what the tree looks like now.

Tips for stress free Christmas shopping

Go alone. This may seem like an obvious one but far more than not letting the little monkeys see what you have bought them, it is essential for keeping your stress levels down. Because when you are listening to this:

"Muuuum I need a wee." "Muuuuum I'm hungry!" "Mum, are we done yet?" 

You will not want to buy the little angels anything. 
Maybe a supernanny book. 
Or a sprout.

It's not even just the kids that are a nightmare though, I would advise leaving your man at home too. They can be just as difficult as shopping companions. As soon as you arrive at your shopping destination and make your first purchase your significant other will say something like "Only one or two more bits to get now"


Gigging at 16 vs 26

So on tuesday last week, me and the hubs went to see the Prodigy at Capital FM Arena. He has been dying to go see them forever and it is very much a task now ticked off his bucket list. I was really looking forward to it also, I hadn't however, bothered to google the supporting band, public enemy. To say that they were not quite my style of music is a tad of an understatement. They are an american hip hop band that released their first 'record' long before I was born. There is no more that needs to be said than that. 

Good seats too! That we were sat in from 5 minutes after the doors open, which was not what everyone else did as you can see from the above picture of a near empty arena. So there is the first grown up, mum thing I did, turned up early for a concert, we were first in our line actually.

Dust, anyone?

One of the less joyous things about being a parent is the cleaning! In previous years, like when I had only one child, and he was at school, I had prided myself in having a (relatively) tidy house. No toys stored in the living room, they were always kept in the boy's room. 

Fast forward to now and I have so many toys in the living room that belong to my toddler, and the same amount in his room also. No amount of trying to keep these toys tidy has any positive effect, it is funny though to watch the husband pick up all of the duplo bricks and put them in their box, for our little monkey to immediately tip them out again, and walk away. We have numerous stains on the carpet, which I have bought carpet cleaner for, and it remains in the cupboard, waiting for the day that I will prioritise carpet cleaning.
But generally my house is still to a satisfactory standard of cleanliness, or so I thought. 

Christmas gifts for older boys

My 9 year old little man is usually prepping a Christmas list from about July, so usually I know exactly what to get him. This year he has applied a new sense of bribery in order to guarantee his top 3 items. The act consists of him saying a number of things...

"I don't want many things for Christmas, just 1 or 2"

"Can I sell my xbox games and buy Fifa 16, or will you get it for Christmas"

He did start with just one or two things on his list and things have been added as he thinks of them (every week). 


Tommy'slaunched their social media campaign, #misCOURAGE on Monday 16th November, to encourage people to share their experiences of baby loss and miscarriage and to break the taboo around it. Please do follow on to their page for more information by clicking the link at the start of this sentence. I found it a really good read and it is so fantastic to hear that in April 2016 Tommy's will be opening a miscarriage research centre, which will potentially bring some answers to so many couples. The centre will focus on early miscarriage and it's causes. At the moment, you would have to suffer 3 consecutive miscarriages before you would be referred to a recurrent miscarriage specialist for investigations, Tommy's wants this reduced immediately to 2 and eventually have every miscarriage fully investigated and taken seriously.

I have 2 little boys and have had 3 very different miscarriage experiences. In 2012, I had an early miscarriage and a lack of understanding and experien…

Christmas gift list for the little monkey..

I am terrible when it comes to Christmas, I literally plan all year and this year I have been shopping since August for both of my boys.

Now these construction vehicles are everywhere in my house and pretty much the only thing the boy plays with. He is obsessed with wheels and loves driving these past his face. We had come to terms with the fact that we would never be able to get him to play with anything else, and then we found this great My first JCB.

The tough reality of parenting...

My previous post about coping as a mother of a child with Autism probably reads as though I really have my sh*t together, and just to clarify, that is not true all of the time. Generally, for the most part I manage all the different roles and it all goes swimmingly (well, nearly). I am a mother, wife, chef, maid, cleaner, secretary, planner, taxi and all round slave and sometimes you get so lost in all the things you need to do for all of the people you look after, that you forget about yourself. I am always guilty of putting myself bottom of the list, and it is easily done.

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days in a while for me, and they say things happen in 3's, and that is exactly what happened. 

Being the parent of a child with Autism has taught me ...

As I write this we are 8 months into investigations as to whether our toddler has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, the road is long and stressful and whilst we are still awaiting his formal diagnosis, his professional team are all in agreement that ASD is an accurate diagnosis. His diagnosis will likely be complex and it is also likely that we still have many more months of assessment and consultation before we have a full and final diagnosis for him. He is 2 years and 4 months old and we realise we are very fortunate that we have got this far while he is so young, and of course there are many parents out there who are fighting tirelessly to get their children the support they need. Being a parent of a child with additional needs is a challenge, every day, but I would never change my boy for the world, here are a few of the things I have learnt so far...

Remember sleep?

When you are due to become a parent, people will tell you how difficult it will be to adjust to your new baby waking you up in the night and you will try and prepare yourself for all of the 'sleepless nights'. You may try and get lots of early nights in before your bundle of joy arrives and enjoy lots of lay ins (if you don't already have children that is). You imagine being awake all night with a screaming baby that you will have to rock for hours. You may also imagine that your husband will be awake with you, but, well anyway. You imagine that this may continue for a few weeks or months until you establish a 'routine' and 'sleep train' your baby, just like the books say... (pahaha)

Welcome to my blog

This morning I decided that today would be the day that I finally start the blog that I have been meaning to start for the last few months. Not that I think I am particularly that interesting, I just have a lot to say, about a lot of things. I regularly read a few blogs that I have found on social media and love their brute honesty and bravery of some at sharing their challenges and problems.
First hurdle done, now to name it. Well, I am literally the least creative, original person on the planet so this was far more difficult than it should have been. 
Finally after staring at the screen with no bloody idea what to name the damn thing, I came up with The scenic route to sanity, and this pretty much sums up our lives. We have always got some sort of drama or crisis going on and life is always just a bit, well, mad. I would probably be extremely bored if our lives were really easy, so I'm not complaining really. We live at 100 miles per hour and always have 100 things to do.... that …